What is General Systems Alert?

General Systems Alert creates internet of things products that make sure your systems run smoothly. Our flagship product monitors the state of your buildings for gun shots and alerts authorities to any sensitive events, while our industrial-focused products can detect equipment failures so that you can fix things before downtime occurs and costly repairs are necessary.

How does it work?

General Systems Alert uses a combination of proprietary software and hardware to monitor actively for keys that indicate an alert presence. Mass shootings have happened in communities all over the United States. Police response times are an average of 10-15 minutes. We provide a system to allow law enforcement to identify, alert, and respond to shootings rapidly.

We also offer industrial focused products that can monitor your hardware and notify you of an impending failure long before it happens to make sure you have no downtime.

Whatever your need, General Systems Alert is committed to providing you with the best monitoring technology on the market, at a cost that allows everyone to afford the safety and security they deserve.